The Brightness

Rumi says it’s found in the smallest house of time. I say the smallest house of time is everywhere, in everyone and everything.


It’s too close to see, normally. We’re constantly following the streams of our senses as they flow inexorably toward the external world of objects, people, and survival.

Every so often, I choose to let all of that subside for a moment.

It’s right here, you see. In this smallest house of time… my garden of Eden, which I only think I’ve left, for I’ve bought into the dream of humanity.

But it’s shining right here. It’s not inside or outside of me: It’s everything that is, and it’s all that exists. It’s said that the entire universe is simply a manifestation of the overflow of the unbounded bliss of Shiva.

This is not a literal, anthropomorphic God. It’s us… on a level that words, thoughts, sights, sounds, tastes or sensations can’t touch. It’s the reality that our sense projections veil so perfectly, that we can’t even see that we’re made of this brightness.

Inner quiet and attention is the key. Relax into the present moment, and drink the nectar of sense experience as though you’ve got nowhere else to go, nothing else to do… like Blake’s “eternity in a grain of sand.”

You’ll see the brightness too, if you banish time, space and activity as the fictions they are, if only for this one moment.

Of course, you’ll forget as we all do. Not to worry: eternity’s not going anywhere.

You may think that your life is rushing to a close… so much to do, so much to do. This is the dream of duality that makes you cry for heaven even as it’s blooming all around you.

Forgetfulness is natural: nature is infused with it. We are deceived by these appearances, but only for a little while. In time – or outside of time as it were – this life is but a shadow play lasting for a moment, then it’s gone…

But the flow of living, conscious existence remains eternally. And you find that you are that. In that brightness, you understand that death was never real.

Investigate the phenomena you’re experiencing, inside and outside. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll see what it’s really made of…

You Are the Eyes of the World

eyes of the world

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