Enjoy this clear introduction to Mindfulness practice from the Compassionate Gardener!

The Compassionate Gardener: a ministry of hope


Mindfulness is moment after moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, sensations and our immediate environment in the NOW.

Mindfulness is now. It does not rewind the past or rehearse the future.

Mindfulness is paying attention. Mindfulness is focus. Mindfulness is presence and present.

Mindfulness is perceptive.

Mindfulness is clear and vivid consciousness.

Mindfulness does not judge, compare, contrast, elaborate, embellish or reminisce.

Mindfulness is acceptance. Mindfulness is acceptance of what is in the moment.

Mindfulness is intentional. It can be turned on and it can be turned off. It can be magnified, amplified and intensified.

Mindfulness is not operating on auto-pilot, day dreaming or being clueless.

Mindfulness is intentional focus on our emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring right here right now.

Mindfulness is a tool… a path… a way to be and a way to being… private moments away from distractions, concentration and problem-solving.

Mindfulness can be learned, practiced and mastered.

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