Envisioning the Whole

“The more we observe how the microscopic world of living cells and bacteria interact with the macroscopic world of the planet, the clouds and atmosphere, winds, tornadoes, ocean currents and the great wild jungles, the more our vision shifts to one of a total and wondrous whole – a living organism.”



Unknown Man: The Mysterious Birth of a New Species

Several decades ago, I was in a period of my life when everything seemed possible, and I was awakening to new and wondrous spiritual experiences. There were various authors whose works had a deep and long lasting influence upon my early spiritual formation and view of life, the universe and everything.

One such influence was the truly unique “Unknown Man” by a mysterious author who went by the single name “Yatri.” Unknown man presented an expansive image of a spiritually evolving humanity, whose great enlightened spiritual leaders were not merely exceptional humans, but early manifestations of what humans would eventually come to be. It was a tantalizing vision of a world filled with potential, ready to replace the fearful, narrow vision I’d been indoctrinated into by the church.

Though I already understood when I was young that the warnings of hell fire and damnation could not be the product of genuine spiritual realization, yet there were still some pretty serious fears lurking on the subconscious level – stemming for that period of fear-based religious programming – that would need to be rooted out.

Toward this end, I looked for exceptional human beings who had seen beyond that false vision of a fearful world… for the old image would need something positive to replace it.

Unknown Man gave life stories of modern sages who had undergone dramatic experiences of spiritual awakening, and had come to be seen as enlightened souls, but were here approached as prototypes for the future of humankind.

It was a wonderful read for a recovering Protestant.

One passage I remember very well, spoke of times in human history when humankind had made evolutionary leaps in their understanding of the world. Before the new understanding could be born in us, we had to come to an impasse where the old way was no longer effective in helping us deal effectively with our experiences. The metaphor was used of a person who had painted themselves into a corner. Obviously in such a situation, old familiar alternatives would not be of assistance, so new ways of seeing were necessary to find new solutions as yet not conceived.

At every juncture in human history when we had put ourselves into impossible situations, the solutions we found drove us beyond previous conceptions of our world. To conclude, the author suggested that if we kept this in mind, and also considered that in our present modern age, we humans have now “painted ourselves into a corner” in many and historically unparalleled ways, that our contemporary situation, rather than suggesting the inevitability of a ruined world, instead implied a coming shift far beyond any before…

Either we would bring about our own destruction, or by so shifting our perspective that we could find a way beyond our self-created limitations, humanity would as a whole, experience an evolutionary leap far beyond anything recorded in history.

The more I thought about this, the more reasonable it seemed.

At the very least, one thing I’ve learned in this lifetime, is that our fearful expectations tend to come true. The more we believe in them as inevitabilities, the more likely they are to come true. It’s as if the universe is always listening to our beliefs about the world, and then manifesting those potentials in the real world, whether we thought we were asking for them or not.

A sobering thought, isn’t it? Or perhaps, given the right perspective, an empowering one?

In light of this insight, wouldn’t it be wiser to put our minds on positive outcomes for our individual and collective futures, just in case the universe hasn’t stopped listening yet, and is ready and waiting to give us a manifestation of the thought blueprint we’ve provided?

For many of us, the answer to this question becomes clearer and of more importance every day. As we learn to heed our thoughts in light of the potential futures they can create, we are accepting responsibility for our part in the way things do unfold.

The positive vision offered in these pages would be time well spent, immersing one’s mind in the field of all possibilities, and thereby opening oneself to participation – even on the subconscious level – in the creation of a glorious future.

Unknown Man: The Mysterious Birth of a New Species


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