Just Be Yourself

Looking back on the years, I’ve marvelled at the way everyone is always trying to fit into society’s and other people’s expectations. It is often at the expense of their own souls, and every time a person comes to that place where their “original child” seems lost beyond recovery, it is always a sad day, and humanity is always the poorer for it.

It’s a battle that should be unnecessary, for each child comes into this world with a unique and beautiful nature that should be encouraged and cultivated, that the world may be enriched in it’s endless diversity of ways to be, to know, to perceive, and to act.If a child is supported in this way, they will become a manifestation of their own highest potential. And a bit more of the wholeness of things will be realized in the world.

Too often, others’ expectations get in the way of this natural, spontaneous way. So many of these expectations aren’t based in anything truly real, or even upon genuine concern for the child’s well-being. Rather, these expectations are based upon people’s own mistaken ideas and fears that they themselves are just not good enough. In turn, this idea of unworthiness is based in the idea that God’s creations are imperfect.

This idea is unworthy of God’s children. This unworthy idea wreaks unnecessary violence upon the earth, and upon the spirits of all of God’s loving children, whose own hearts contain God’s beautiful essence. The fear that flows from this false idea obscures the inherent joy of Being that God intends for us to experience as our natural birthright.

If we don’t joyfully serve each other as God’s own appearances upon the earth, where else do we think we can find God? In some dusty old book? In the “one true religion?”

What I would like to see for you – today’s children both young and old – is the simplicity, the courage and the inspiration to be completely, unabashedly, and fearlessly yourselves. To take joyful refuge in your own inherent nature. Not to worry so much about what other people think or expect of you, or even about their upset when you choose to follow the way that God has set out for you. And yet to give unconditional love to those whose experience of the world is so terribly distorted by these unfounded fears…

You, the children, in every generation, are the hope of the world. It was not only the individual called Jesus Christ who was to be the Light of the World, but his birth has come to symbolize the hopeful, joyful potential that comes into the world every single time a child is born. There is still always hope. This world and the beings in it, in their true nature, are fine just as they are. They are not evil, and do not need to be changed by us.

But their manifestation may go awry because of the projections which fearful people superimpose upon them.

Your job is first, to accept that God did not make a mistake in creating you as you are, or the world as it truly is. Second, to hold fast to the idea that it is never too late for those who are lost in a false vision of a fearful world, to be redeemed from their fearful dreams. And last but not least, never to believe that the world may be awakened by exerting any form of control or manipulation. Rather, the True Way is to love the brokenness of the world and all the beings in it – just as they are right now – back into Wholeness. The Wholeness which you, me, and all things already and always are…

In this way, clearing away these illusory veils of ignorance and fear, the true nature of things and beings can shine unobstructed.

Don’t be afraid: share who you are. Don’t hide it under a bushel – let it shine!

Who you are is exactly what the world needs.

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